Is It Safe to Travel Abroad During the Months Of December And January?

Travel is the human movement between different, sometimes remote geographic locations. Travel can be to nearby places, by land, air, sea or bus, with or without baggage, and is either one way to another place or round trip. Most people have at least one year of annual travel expenses, partly because we must travel to work and partly because most goods and services are not available locally. But in recent years, travel has become a high-volume business, particularly when it comes to airfare, room accommodations and transportation. With the growth of online travel services, the need for travel agents has declined.


With globalization, information is one of the key ingredients that enable people to do business, travel and stay in one place. Thus, travel restrictions are arising. In most developed countries, there are travel restrictions for tourists originating from certain countries. Traveling to and within some of these countries can often lead to some travel inconveniences, notably price differences, delays and restrictions on traveling between certain days and times of the year. Thus, there are some restrictions for traveling within certain regions.

When flying internationally, there are several different regulations in place. One of the most common is the United Nations Security Council, which dictates which airports international travelers can use and which must be used for direct flights to destinations within the organization. If you’re flying to another country within the region, you may need to do an inter-island travel test, based on the rules and regulations of the airline issuing your ticket. You must pass through a strict security screening process and be screened against any potential national security threats. Your ticket will be subject to penalties if it is determined that you do not pass this pre-travel testing.

Some of the other international travel restrictions include immigration requirements, such as providing evidence of legal status or proof of citizenship. You may also be required to stay out of any country for a minimum of ten days during any visit. You may be asked to abstain from sexual relations while on your travels and you may be excluded from sporting events related to that country. Some visitors arriving in the United States may be required to undergo a health screening. You may also be asked to abstain from alcohol and certain foods or beverages for a set period of time. These requirements vary depending on the country, so be sure to check with the relevant agencies before departing.

It’s important to know the exceptions to the travel restrictions. In many instances, you can get a passport after you have been abroad for less than a week. In some cases, there are special exceptions that allow individuals to travel with a medical emergency, but they must wait a certain amount of time before traveling. For visitors coming from abroad or those who are not eligible for exception status, you should keep yourself updated with any changes in your address and contact information and regularly check with the Department of State before traveling to ensure that you will be allowed to leave and will receive proper assistance if you become sick or injured while traveling.

As of December 7, there were no statewide travel restrictions in the United States with the exception of a three-day quarantine for persons traveling to Canada. Individuals traveling to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala are required to appear in their respective countries and pass through a visa inspection before they are permitted to travel. The three-day quarantine is intended to monitor the safety of migrating Mexican and Caribbean immigrants in the U.S., and was imposed by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to assist in reducing the number of traveler illness outbreaks due to disease. Travel to these areas of the world has been made easier with the enforcement of the stringent travel provisions of the Clinician Travel Security Act of 2000.